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News article14 May 2024Directorate-General for Communication1 min read

Croatian BELC partner, the city of Karlovac celebrates unity and youth engagement on Europe Day

Photo source: City of Karlovac

On May 9th, 2024, the city of Karlovac, in collaboration with the Carpe Diem Association, celebrated Europe Day, signifying peace and unity across the European continent. This day was filled with activities that brought Europe closer to citizens in the BELC partner city located in central Croatia.

In line with this spirit, Karlovac organised a special event for the youth. Young residents had the opportunity to meet delegations from Turkey and Lithuania, who were visiting as part of the town twinning project initiated by Karlovac. During the event, discussions revolved around the experiences of EU Member States and the prospective EU candidate, Turkey. Conversations also delved into European values, diverse perspectives, and the myriad opportunities available for youth through EU programmes.

Deputy Mayor Ivana Fočić and City Council President Marin Svetić represented Karlovac and actively participated in discussions and engagements on the day.

This event not only commemorated Europe Day, but also served as a platform for fostering understanding, collaboration, and exchange between different European communities. It showcased the importance of dialogue and cooperation in building a stronger, more unified Europe.

Through initiatives like these, the city of Karlovac reaffirms its commitment to European values and its dedication to promoting active citizenship and engagement among its residents.

Photo source: City of Karlovac


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14 May 2024
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