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Building Europe with Local Councillors
News article9 May 2024Directorate-General for Communication1 min read

Danish BELC member Jens Christian Gjesing offers a series of presentations ‘Europe - what now?’

In the coming months, the EU and Europe will come into focus in Denmark due to the elections to the European Parliament on June 9th and the following year Denmark will take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union.

According to Danish BELC member Jens Christian Gjesing, municipal board member of Haderslev, the Danish press highlights more from the American elections than politics in its own part of the world in the EU. He has decided to change this and therefore, he offers associations, clubs and other organisations presentations under the title "Europe - what now?".

The sessions cover information about the history of Europe since the Second World War, formation and development of the European Union, its institutions, economy and decision-making structure, as well as a joint debate on current European issues like migration, climate, international competition, candidate countries, European values and cohesion, Ukraine and much more.

The presentations are politically neutral and aim to make the audience more knowledgeable, committed and participatory in democracy when it comes to the future of the European continent. He has already completed a long list of events and has several others lined up, but he is still open for more by request.

Mr Gjesing is not only an active member of the community, but also has in-depth knowledge of the EU's development and functioning. He is the former mayor of Haderslev and has been a member of the same town’s municipal council for over 40 years. For almost half of that time he has been a member of the European Committee of the Regions and one of the Danish municipalities' representatives in Brussels. He became a member of BELC in 2023.


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9 May 2024
Directorate-General for Communication
  • Jens Christian Gjesing
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