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News article9 May 2024Directorate-General for Communication1 min read

Croatian town of Drniš, a BELC partner, celebrates Europe Day with community support and awareness raising about European elections

Photo source: Ivan Meštrović High School in Drniš Facebook page

Croatian BELC partner, the town of Drniš celebrated Europe Day on May 9, 2024, with the opening conference of the "We are with you" project, aimed at assisting the elderly and individuals with disabilities. BELC liaison officer, Ms. Ivana Sučić, Head of the Administrative Department for Economy, Finance and Social Activities in the town of Drniš coordinated the activities of the day.

Supported by the "Make a Wish – Prevention of Institutionalization" programme and financed entirely by the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+), this project signifies a collaborative effort toward community welfare, with an impressive total value of EUR 1,485,000 for the town of Drniš.

The project has already made a meaningful impact: 180 beneficiaries (senior citizens and individuals with disabilities) have already received vital support, and 30 employment opportunities have been created for women. At the opening conference, the focus was on highlighting these essential and tangible benefits of EU membership.

In the town’s centre, the Poljana town square, students from Ivan Meštrović High School engaged in the “Use Your Vote” campaign, raising awareness about the upcoming European elections and the importance of civic participation. As an Ambassador School of the European Parliament, these students also showcased positive outcomes of EU-funded projects in the Drniš area. The presentation with all these details is available here.

Photos provided by the Town of Drniš

These are the local websites that covered the event:


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