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News article1 May 2024Directorate-General for Communication1 min read

Polish BELC partner municipality Minsk Mazowiecki celebrated 20 years of EU membership

On 1 May 2024, Minsk Mazowiecki, a BELC partner city, celebrated the 20th anniversary of Poland joining the EU. To mark the occasion, the city, in cooperation with Europe Direct and local institutions, organized a "We are Europe" European picnic for residents.

Participants of the picnic could go on a symbolic journey through Europe - for a moment "move" to Paris by taking a photo with the Eiffel Tower, solve a quiz about Europe or taste dishes from EU countries. Visiting successive points on the picnic map, they collected stamps on the travel ticket, for which they could receive prizes.

The event's programme also included cross-cultural animations, songs and dances with young people from the partner cities, the Miedzychas Youth Center and Minsk EPAS Clubs. Participants could also take part in cooking workshops and take souvenir photos in historical costumes. 

At the Europe Direct Minsk Mazowiecki Mobile Point, Team EUROPE DIRECT expert Professor Marta Witkowska held "round table discussions" on European integration, Poland's membership in the EU and the upcoming European elections. The expert also met with young people - representatives of the Youth Council of Minsk Mazowiecki and the Junior Ambassadors of EPAS - and talked about the opportunities the EU offers for young people. 

The picnic was accompanied by an art contest called "Laurel for Europe", which promoted the idea of the EU, the benefits of Poland's membership in the EU and common goals and values. The premise of the contest was also to arouse students' interest in EU-related topics, promote their creative activity and activate the school community. 

The picnic ended with the European anthem, sung by the Junior Ambassador of EPAS, and a concert by the local MM Big Band in the amphitheater of the Municipal House of Culture.

Event partners: Europe Direct Minsk Mazowiecki, Minsk Mazowiecki Municipal House of Culture, Minsk Mazowiecki Municipal Public Library, Minsk Mazowiecki Museum of the Minsk Region, Miedzyczas Youth Center.

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Art contest - Laurel for Europe
Art contest - Laurel for Europe
Art contest - Laurel for Europe
Discussions on EU with TE expert Marta Witkowska
Mobile point promoting the EU




Publication date
1 May 2024
Directorate-General for Communication
  • Minsk Mazowiecki municipality
  • Poland, Minsk Mazowiecki
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