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Building Europe with Local Councillors
News article15 March 2024Directorate-General for Communication1 min read

Spanish BELC partner municipality Girona promotes participation in European elections with electric bus

The city council inaugurated an interurban route that circulates with an informative vinyl about upcoming EE24.

Picture showing the electric bus painted in the EU flag colours and the logo "Use your vote"

The city council of Girona, a BELC partner municipality, launched a campaign in March 2024 to encourage residents to participate in the European elections in June this year. The council placed information about the elections on an interurban electric bus that operates on Line 1 in the city. Girona deputy mayor, Mr. Xavier Aldeguer, and the director of the Europe Direct centre at the University of Girona, Ms. Mariona Illamola, kicked off this initiative, which runs till mid-April.

The collaboration between the city council of Girona and the Europe Direct centre promotes citizen participation in democracy through partnerships with educational local authorities. These types of collaborations strengthen ties between local administration and civil society, promoting open and constructive dialogue on issues of common interest. Thus, citizens are empowered to make informed decisions and exercise their right to vote consciously, which in turn strengthens the legitimacy and representativeness of democratic institutions at European level.

Mr. Aldeguer shared his enthusiasm for contributing to promote the most relevant electoral event of the year at European level. "In Girona, we are convinced of the importance of the upcoming elections. We believe that fundamental European values, such as human dignity, freedom, democracy, and equality, are increasingly being questioned within the borders of the European Union, and we are facing a socio-economic and demographic crisis that affects basic needs, such as housing, energy supply, and food. We are aware that most of the local decisions we make to respond to these needs are influenced by European policies and legislation. That is why we want to promote the participation of our citizens in these elections by bringing to Europe the specific challenges faced by medium-sized cities, like ours”.

The deputy mayor also commented on his involvement in the BELC network and its activities. “In February this year I was able to take part in a visit to Brussels organised for local councillors by the BELC team. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss and learn more about bringing European policies closer to the needs of municipalities, as well as finding points of connection between different institutions to understand strategies and political priorities.”


Publication date
15 March 2024
Directorate-General for Communication
  • Xavier Aldeguer
  • Spain, Girona
  • Democracy and public participation