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Building Europe with Local Councillors
News article29 May 2024Directorate-General for Communication1 min read

Young people in focus in Poland’s BELC partner town, Swiebodzin

The second session of the District Youth Council was held in Poland’s BELC partner Swiebodzin on 29 May, 2024. The meeting was attended by guest speakers, including BELC member of Swiebodzin District Governor, Zbigniew Szumski; District Council Chairwoman, Jolanta Starzewska and District Councilor, Marcin Minta. 

One of the key points of the discussions was the upcoming European elections, reminding participants that the European Parliament elections in Poland are held on June 9, 2024, and anyone above 18 has the right to vote.   

District Council Chairwoman Jolanta Starzewska stressed the importance of these elections, in which young people, who already have the right to vote, can make a significant contribution.  

BELC member, Zbigniew Szumski encouraged young people to take part in the elections, noting that EU decisions affect daily lives.  Young people received brochures about the elections, which they distribute in their schools, encouraging also classmates to vote. 



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Publication date
29 May 2024
Directorate-General for Communication
  • Zbigniew Szumski
  • Poland, Swiebodzin
  • Democracy and public participation