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Building Europe with Local Councillors
Building Europe with Local Councillors

A network of EU local councillors, working together to communicate on EU-related topics

The project “Building Europe with Local Councillors” creates a European network of locally elected politicians aimed at communicating the European Union through an unprecedented alliance between the European and local government structures.

The project will make it possible for local politicians to work together and to disseminate information about EU issues that concern their constituents at the local level. It will also help to boost engagement and foster debates about these issues and the future of Europe. The overall aim is to support the creation of a truly European public sphere.

The European Commission invites local authorities to join the project. It’s easy. Simply fill out the application form, upload the declaration with the signature of the designated local councillor and the legal representative of the local authority, and submit.

Once a member of the network, the local councillors will engage in debate with members of their constituency and/or local media about political initiatives and measures carried out by the EU.

Communicating the EU at the local level is essential to keep the momentum created by the Conference on the Future of Europe and within the context of NextGenerationEU

The project is implemented in close cooperation with the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions’ European Network of Regional and Local Councillors.

For local authorities wishing to become partners of the European Commission in communicating the EU on the ground via the appointment of an elected local representative.

Discover communication activities, events, and EU-related discussions within the network.